Blood Malaria Pf Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Test kit

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Malaria PF Rapid Test Colloidal Gold


  • Testing time: 10-15 minutes
  • Valid Time: 24 month
  • Accurancy: More than 99%
  • Specification: 1/25 test/box
  • Storage temperature : 2℃-30℃
  • Methodology: Colloidal Gold
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    Malaria PF Rapid Test

    Methodology: Colloidal Gold

    Production information

    Model Number MAL-PF Packing 25 Tests/ kit, 30kits/CTN
    Name Malaria (P.F) Rapid Test  Instrument  classification Class I
    Features High sensitivity, Easy opeation Certificate CE/ ISO13485
    Accuracy > 99% Shelf life Two Years
    Methodology Colloidal Gold OEM/ODM service Avaliable


    Test procedure

    Read the instruction for use before the test and restore the reagent to room temperature before the test. Do not perform the test without restoring the reagent to room temperature to avoid affecting the accuracy of the test results.

     1 Restore sample and kit to room temperature, take test device out of the sealed pouch, and lie it on horizontal bench.
     2 Pipette 1 drop (around 5μL) of whole blood sample into the well of test device (‘S’ well) vertically and slowly by the disposable pipette provided.
     3 Turn sample diluent upside down, discard first two drops of sample diluent, add 3-4 drops of bubble-free sample diluent dropwise to the well of test device (‘D’ well) vertically and slowly, and start counting time
     4 Result shall be interpreted within 15~ 20 minutes, and detection result is invalid after 20 minutes.

    Note:each sample shall be pipetted by clean disposable pipette to avoid cross contamination.


    Malaria is caused by single-celled microorganisms of the plasmodium group, it’s normally spread by bites of mosquitos, and it’s an infectious disease that affects lives and life safety of human beings and other animals. Patients infected with malaria normally will have fever, fatigue, vomiting, headache and other symptoms, and severe cases may lead to xanthoderma, seizure, coma and even death. According to estimation of World Health Organization (WHO), there are 300~500 million cases of the disease and over 1 million deaths annually throughout the world. Timely and accurate diagnosis is the key to outbreak control as well as effective prevention and treatment of malaria. The commonly used microscopy method is known as the gold standard for diagnosis of malaria, but it highly depends on skills and experiences of technical personnel and takes relatively long time. Malaria (P.F) Rapid Test can rapidly detect antigen to plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich proteins II that exits in whole blood, which can be used for auxiliary diagnosis of plasmodium falciparum (pf) infection.




    The kit is high accurate,fast and can be transported at room temperature, easy to operate

    Specimen type : whole blood samples

    Testing time:10-15mins


    Methodology:Colloidal Gold




    •  High sensitive

    •  High Accuracy 

    •  Easy operation

    • Factory direct price

    • Do not need extra machine for result reading


    test result

    Result reading

    The WIZ BIOTECH reagent test will be compared with the control reagent:

    Reference Sensitivity  Specificity 
    Well-know reagent P.F.98.54%,Pan:99.2% 99.12%




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