Diagnostic Kit(Colloidal Gold)for Transferrin

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Diagnostic KitColloidal Goldfor Transferrin
For in vitro diagnostic use only

Please read this package insert carefully prior to use and strictly follow the instructions. Reliability of assay results cannot be guaranteed if there are any deviations from the instructions in this package insert.

Diagnostic Kit(Colloidal Gold)for Transferrin (Tf) is a colloidal gold immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative determination of Tf from human faeces, it acts as gastrointestinal bleeding auxiliary diagnosis reagent. The teat is a screening reagent, all positive sample must be confirmed by other methodologies. This test is intended for healthcare professional use only. Meanwhile, this test is used for IVD, extra instruments are not needed.

1 kit /box, 10 kits /box, 25 kits,/box, 50 kits /box

Tf mainly exists in plasma, the average content is about 1.20~3.25g/L. In healthy people faeces, there is almost no presence. When digestive tract bleeding, the Tf in serum flow into the gastrointestinal tract and excreted with faeces, it is abundant in faeces of gastrointestinal bleeding patients. Therefore, fecal Tf play a necessary and important role for the detection of gastrointestinal bleeding. The kit is a simple, visual qualitative test that detects Tf in human faeces, it has high detection sensitivity and strong specificity. The test based on high specificit double antibodies sandwich reaction principle and gold immunochromatographic assay analysis technics, it can give a result within 15 minutes.

1.Take out the sampling stick, inserted into the faeces sample, then put the sampling stick back, screw tight and shake well, repeat the action 3 times. Or using the sampling stick picked about 50mg faeces sample, and put in a faeces sample tube containing sample dilution, and screw tightly.

2.Use disposable pipette sampling take the thinner faeces sample from the diarrhea patient, then add 3 drops (about 100uL) to the fecal sampling tube and shake well, put aside.
3.Take out the test card from the foil bag, put it on the level table and mark it.
4.Remove the cap from the sample tube and discard the first two drops diluted sample, add 3 drops (about 100uL) no bubble diluted sample verticaly and slowly into sample well of the card with provided dispette, start timing.
5.The result should be read within 10-15 minutes, and it is invalid after 15 minutes.

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