Recently, our novel coronavirus antibody screening and rapid detection system for shunt prevention and control was approved by Xiamen science and Technology Bureau.           

The novel coronavirus antibody screening and novel coronavirus screening and detection system has two aspects: new type of coronavirus IgM antibody kit (colloidal gold) kit and matching fast detection equipment. In the novel coronavirus novel coronavirus infection process, the IgM antibody is the first antibody in the human immune system. The detection of the new type of coronavirus IgM antibody in acute infection stage has the advantages of high sensitivity, early diagnosis and the ability to determine whether the suspect is infected or not. The reagent kit adopts colloidal gold method, which can break through the limitation of the existing nucleic acid detection technology to personnel and places, and shorten the time of detection. Finally, the company has developed the instrument matching with the kit for supporting detection, which can quickly improve the detection rate, and it is a powerful measure for the screening and shunt control of the general asymptomatic population in the later stage of the outbreak.           

The novel coronavirus has been invaded by the present, and the tragedy it has caused and the pain that it causes to the whole nation is still increasing. It is urgent to fight the epidemic. It will do everything for the company to launch the product to help the first line detection, and contribute to the prevention and control of the epidemic.              

  Corna VIRUS

Post time: Feb-28-2020
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