Wiz-A101 Portable Immune Analyzer POCT Analyzer

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This document is for users of portable immune analyzer (Model Number:WIZ-A101, hereafter referred to as analyzer).Every effort has been made to ensure that all the information contained in this manual is correct at the time of printing. Any customer modification to the instrument will render the warranty or service agreement null and void.

One year free warranty. The warranty is only applicable to the instrument you purchased and has not been opened or repaired by other company’s technician.

Intended use
This document is intended to provide background information for a better understanding of the hardware, test principles and operation steps of the analyzer. Please read carefully and follow the instructions before using this instrument, if the instrument is not used in accordance with the method specified in this manual, it may not obtain accurate result.

The analyzer is copyrighted to Xiamen Wiz Biotech Co., Ltd

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Address:3-4 Floor,NO.16 Building,Bio-medical Workshop,2030 Wengjiao West Road, Haicang District,361026,Xiamen,China

Website:www.wizbiotech.com  E-mail:sales@wizbiotech.com
Tel:+86 592-6808278 2965736  Fax:+86 592-6808279 2965807

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