Mini 104 Home Use Portable Immunoassay Analzyer

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WIZ-A104  Mini Home use Immunoassay  Analyzers

The home used  Mini-A104, So small size, easy for carry ,  can help individuals manage their health condition at home.


  • Methodology: Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay
  • Products Origin: China
  • Brand : WIZ
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    Model Number WIZ-A104 Packing 1 Set/ inner box 
    Name WIZ-A104  Mini Immunoassay analzyer  Operation interface  1.9" capacitive touch color screen 
    Features Home use  Certificate CE/ ISO13485
    Test efficiency  150T/H Shelf life One Year 
    Methodology Fluorescence Immunochromatographic Assay Dimension 121*80*60mm




    •  Incubation channel : 1 Channel 

    •  Test efficiency can be  150T/H

    •  Data Storage >10000 Tests

    •  Support Type-C And LIS 



    •  Mini 

    •  Home Use 

    •  Easier  diagnosis  

    •  Support multiple project 




    The home used mini portable immunoassay  analyzer is used with the colloidal gold, latex and fluorescence immunochromatography test kits together; it is used for qualitative or semi-quantitative analysis of specific colloidal gold and latex test kits, and for quantitative analysis of specific fluorescence immunochromatography test kits.


    •  Home    •  Hospital

    •  Clinic    •  Laboratory 

    •  Community Hospital

    • Health Management Center

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