• WIZ-A101 Portable Immune Analyzer

    WIZ-A101 Portable Immune Analyzer

    WIZ A101 Portable Immune Analyzer Convenient, fast read and portable
  • New Item:Three Channel POCT analyzer Test devices

    New Item:Three Channel POCT analyzer Test devices

    New Item POCT analyzer test devices for rapid test ( HCG,HCV, 25VD,HbA1c,Fer,CEA,f-PSA…)
  • Wiz-A101 Portable Immune Analyzer

    Wiz-A101 Portable Immune Analyzer

    Revision history Manual version Revision date Changes 1.0 08.08.2017   Edition notice This document is for users of portable immune analyzer (Model Number:WIZ-A101, hereafter referred to as analyzer).Every effort has been made to ensure that all the information contained in this manual is correct at the time of printing. Any customer modification to the instrument will render the warranty or service agreement null and void. Warranty One year free warranty. The warranty is ...