Baysen-9101 C14 Urea Breath Helicobacter pylori Analyzer

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Baysen-9101 C14 Urea Breath Helicobacter pylori Analyzer 

  • Products Origin: China
  • Brand : Baysen
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    Model Number Baysen-9101 Packing 1 Set/box 
    Name Baysen-9101 C14 Urea Breath Helicobacter pylori Analyzer  Instrument  classification Class II
    Features Automatic fault diagnosis. Certificate CE/ ISO13485
    Background count rate ≤50min -1
     Power consumption
    Measuring time automatically  250 seconds. OEM/ODM service Avaliable




    •  Six types of diagnosis results of DPM and HP infection were automatically given:

        Negative, uncertain, positive +, positive ++, positive +++, positive ++++

    •  Automatically deduct the background counts.

    • Automatic measurement data printing, with thermal micro printer.

    •  8 inch LCD touch screen is used to display the operation interface and input patient information.




    •  Background count rate≤50min -1

    •  Sampling Repeatability≤10%

    •  Sampling Accuracy±10%

    • Can be upgraded.




    Method for detecting Helicobacter pylori

    * Should be fasted for 4 to 6 hours before testing 

    * Take about 120ml warm drinking water With Urea 14C capsule ,wati for 10-20mins 

    * Collect the sample

    * Test the sample 


    •  Hospital

    •  Clinic

    •  Lab

    • Health Management Center

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